Training Materials

The Interstate Commission for Juveniles publishes numerous training materials and publications as well as offers many tools to each of its member states to assist individuals in learning and training on the Interstate Compact. The following presentations and documents are available for download. 


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Presentation (PDF): On Point, On Purpose: Delivering Effective Presentations by Dr. Mark Nelson
Presentation (PDF): Prevention and Protection: Taking Action to Combat Human Trafficking
Presentation (PDF): U.S. Marshals Missing Child Unit Presentation
Presentation (PDF):  ICJ, Race, and Juvenile Justice: Considerations for Promoting Racial Justice by Dr. Maryam Jernigan-Noesi


Training Video: Envisioning the Future of Juvenile Justice
Training Video: Rule Amendment Proposals
Training Video: UNITY - Making Data Work For You
Training Video: Finding A Way - Racial Equity through Procedural Justice
Presentation (PDF): Keynote Address: Leading Forward - Hasan Davis
Resource (PDF): ABM Resources


Training Video: UNITY Session 1 - Is Your State Ready?  Due to technical difficulties, the first 2 minutes of this session are not available.
Training Video: UNITY Session 2 - Strategies for Successful Transition
Presentation (PDF):  UNITY Sessions 1 & 2
Training Video: Understanding Extraditions - UCEA, Due Process, & More
Presentation (PDF): Understanding Extraditions - UCEA, Due Process, & More
Presentation (PDF):  A Way From No Way - Hasan Davis


Document (PDF): ICJ in Action 24/7: Back to Basics
Presentation (PDF): Derek Young, “Strategic Servant Leadership”
Training Video: Airport Jeopardy - REAL ID, Surveillance, and Returns
Resource (PDF)TSA REAL ID Flowchart 


Training Video: Honoring ICJ's Past, Present, & Future
Presentation (PDF): Honoring ICJ's Past, Present, & Future
Training Video: Frontiers in Juvenile Justice Reform Panel


Presentation (PPT): Overcoming Obstacles: Hurdles and How To's
Presentation (PPT): ICJ Proposed Rule Amendments Presentation
Presentation (PPT): When Cases Overlap Between ICJ and ICAOS


Presentation (PPT): ICJ Rule Amendments Discussion
Presentation (PPT): ICJ and LGBTQ Juveniles


Training Video: ICJ and Secure Detention
Presentation (PPT):ICJ and Secure Detention

Training Video: State Compliance with Legal Matters
Presentation (PPT):State Compliance and Legal Matters

Training Video: ICJ Working With ICPC
Presentation (PPT):ICJ Working With ICPC


Presentation (PPT: What can JIDS do for you?
Presentation(PPT) Runaways and the ICJ
Presentation(PPT) Rules Round-Table Discussion and JIDS Impact

Bench Book: Chapter 3 Section 10
Process Chart: Closing a Case

Presentation (Canva Slide Deck): Interstate Compact for Juveniles Training 

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Presentation (PDF with notes): Interstate Compact for Juveniles Training 

Presentation: State Council Training
On-Demand: ICJ Courses 101 - 105
Document: Ex Officio Orientation Manual
Document: Executive Committee Handbook
Document: Commissioner Handbook
Document: Intro to ICJ Brochure
Document: Quick Reference Guide for ICJ Cases (web viewing version)
Document: Best Practice Guide for ICJ and ICPC Dual Jurisdiction Cases published by the AAICPC/ICJ Work Group

Document: April 1, 2024 Rule Change Infographic (2-page Printable PDF)
Document: Approved Rule Amendments - Effective April 1, 2024

  • Session A Recording: Available on Talent LMS - View the Course Catalog and select the Category "Rules"
  • Session B Recording: Available on Talent LMS - View the Course Catalog and select the Category "Rules"

Slide Decks: 

Web-only ResourceApril 1, 2024 Rule Change Infographic (continuous scrolling - not for printing)

March 29, 2023: Home Evaluations 

April 26, 2023: Quarterly Progress Reports

May 31, 2023: Violation Reports

November 15, 2023: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)

February 28, 2024: Absconder Reports