Staff Recognition

The Commission believes in recognizing those individuals doing the day-to-day work of the Compact who surpass expectations to provide assistance. When should someone be recognized? When an individual engaged in ICJ business goes above and beyond the general call of duty to reach a conclusion or solution that best serves public safety.

If you know someone who, on a particular instance, went beyond what was required for a particular job, we want to hear about it.

Please relay quick details of the event by entering the information in the Staff Recognition Nomination Form. Nominations may be submitted by any member of ICJ. 

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Recent Recognitions

"Luis has worked in the California ICJ office for seven years and regularly goes, “above and beyond the call of duty,” in his daily tasks. His duties have included being responsible for processing transfer of supervision cases, travel permits, as well as helping to facilitate runaway and absconder returns. Additionally, Luis has been asked to assist with training multiple new compact office staff. Luis proactively tracks report and response due dates and sends reminders to field staff to help ensure California’s compliance with timeframes. He has developed positive working relationships with probation and child welfare staff across the state and is always available to assist field staff with ICJ related matters. Luis’ work with field staff, other compact office staff, and the families of juvenile runaways often receives recognition. During the transition of the California ICJ office over the last few years, Luis was relied upon even more to maintain the daily operations of the office and did so without complaint, he just got the work done. Luis is a valued member of the California ICJ team and we could not do our jobs without his dedicated service to our State.”               

- Michael Farmer, Designee, California

"Ms. Sheets continues to go above and beyond the call of duty for Wyoming ICJ whenever there is a runaway/return situation presenting itself in her area. Ms. Sheets is a Social Services Supervisor with the Department of Family Services in the Carbon County area and along with her regular duties, she is always willing to go the extra mile if extra communication is needed to gather more information about the juvenile(s) needing to be returned. One example of note is when a juvenile ran from his home state and was giving a false story to local law enforcement. Ms. Sheets requested contact information from the juvenile to follow up on and the contact stated that he actually had a warrant in his home state for an accused serious offense. Ms. Sheets followed up on this information and was able to obtain the warrant from local law enforcement and the juvenile was placed appropriately. This is just one example of numerous times that Ms. Sheets has went above and beyond the call of duty for Wyoming ICJ. Thank you Ms. Sheets for everything you do."

- Brandon Schimelpfenig, Wyoming ICJ

"I would like to recognize Debra Devine Holcomb with the Arkansas ICJ Office.  She is listed as Staff in the ICJ Directory, but she is more than that.  She goes above and beyond her duties on a regular basis.  Debra has been with ICJ for more than 15 years and handles the Transfer of Supervision cases in and out of AR and also has a big part in handling out-of-state runaways. Debra is knowledgeable of ICJ rules and procedures and shares that knowledge with the people we work with around our State.  She is my back-up when I am out of the office, and I could not do my job without her."  - Judy Miller, Commissioner - Arkansas

"Raymond "Chip" is the New York Probation ICJ Office. Chip is responsible for processing all incoming and outgoing transfer of supervision cases, travel permits, and other correspondence submitted in UNITY to New York State Probation. Despite that workload, Chip finds the time to closely monitor the submission of home evaluation reports, progress reports and responses to violation reports. He is proactive in his approach to ensure New York Probation's compliance in these areas and routinely sends out email correspondence to local probation departments as due date reminders. Chip works with his colleagues from across the nation to resolve issues in a timely and professional manner and is always available to assist the New York local probation department staff in ICJ related matters. He takes the time to walk local probation department staff through the submission of various events in UNITY and has developed a UNITY/ICJ Rule training which he plans to present, in conjunction with the NYS Probation DCA, to local probation department staff in the fall. It is safe to say that Chip goes "above and beyond the call of duty" on a daily basis." 

- Kelly Palmateer, Deputy Compact Administrator, New York - Probation


“Gladys is literally a one-of-a-kind employee who always goes above and beyond when working with ICJ issues. Her knowledge and professionalism are outstanding. A recent ICJ return exemplifies her passion and diligence for ICJ and the youth that are involved in her program. Gladys has clearly developed solid working relationships with many state ICJ offices and her effort were immediately rewarded when working through issues of a runaway youth who also gave birth while in Nevada. This case was complicated and held liabilities in so many program areas in two different states. Gladys handled all of the nuances, discussed liabilities and maneuvered multiple systems to ultimately have this youth and her child returned without them needing to be separated. Gladys completed all of this great work while preparing for a planned extended leave event and training a new employee. She even worked on this case from home while on leave, which was not required, yet was done out of a desire to help forward the mission of ICJ. Gladys is a true professional and Nevada is so blessed to have her working with Nevada ICJ.”

- Tannan Birmingham, Unit Manager for the Nevada Youth Parole Bureau