Rules Step-by-Step Table of Contents

This presentation of the Interstate Commission for Juveniles rules offers users a unique method for following, interpreting and understanding ICJ rules. The ICJ rules are divided into nine sections. Each rule references and links to appropriate Definitions, Advisory Opinions, and rule History where applicable.

*Rescinded rules can be found in the full ICJ Rules document.

Section 100 - Definitions

Section 200 - General Provisions

Section 300 - Electronic Information System

Section 400 - Transfer of Supervision

Section 500 - Supervision in Receiving State

Section 600 - Voluntary and Non/Voluntary Return of Juveniles/Runaways

Section 700 - Additional Return Requirements for Sections 500 and 600

Section 800 - Travel Permits

Section 900 - Dispute Resolution, Enforcement, Withdrawal, and Dissolution