Request Training and Technical Assistance

Training and technical assistance opportunities are available to all member states. National Trainers, appointed by the Education, Training & Public Relations Committee, facilitate training for the Commission.

New to your State Compact Office? Check out the ICJ Mentoring Program:

The ICJ Mentoring Program was designed to support states while in transition to their new compact roles during the first year for continuity of state performance in accordance with the ICJ Rules.

Who is eligible to receive assistance?  Any Commissioner, Compact Administrator, Deputy Compact Administrator, or other ICJ office staff transitioning tin their new compact role during the first year.

Mentors are available to provide guidance, technical assistance, and structured learning as required.

If you are interested in applying for the program to receive assistance, please complete the Mentor Request Form from click here.

For more information, see the ICJ Administrative Policy 01-2019: "Mentoring Program" here and the Mentoring Program webpage

Online Training (Live - Instructor Led)

The Commission offers a variety of online media which can accommodate virtually all individuals with an internet browser. WebEx trainings are live-instructor facilitated trainings. WebEx blends data, voice and video communications, simulating live face-to-face trainings. The instructors will highlight ICJ and share examples of applicability.   The WebEx Part 1 and Part 2 Trainings are 2 hours in length for each session.  Each session is offered independent of the other or separate days during the month. 

The sessions are open to Compact Office Staff, Supervisors, Field Officers, State Field Staff, Judicial and Court Personnel.

On-Site Training

Each member state is responsible for providing Interstate Compact training to Field Officers, Attorneys, Judges, State Council members, and any other interested personnel.  The National Office may assist in these efforts by providing a National Trainer to facilitate on-site trainings or workshops at the request of a state’s Commissioner.

ICJ also recognizes that states are unique in their administrative structure and own internal procedures. If your ICJ Office would like to develop its own training sessions, the ICJ National Office can assist the ICJ State Offices in this endeavor. 

Specialized Curriculum

In the event that your training needs exceed the current resources available, you may request that the National Office develop a specialized curriculum.

Requesting Training and Technical Assistance

Due to limited resources available and to ensure fair and equitable treatment for each member state, requests for on-site training, specialized curriculum, or technical assistance must be made in accordance with the Training and Technical Assistance Policy

Commissioners may submit a Training and Technical Assistance Request Form to the National Office for review and consideration.

Reporting Training Data to the National Office

Has your ICJ Office completed a state-specific training? Submit your training data to the ICJ National Office by using the Training Report Form.