Leadership Award

The recipient of this award exhibits outstanding leadership skills and dedication to the Interstate Commission for Juveniles through extraordinary service. This individual is a Commissioner, Designee, Compact Administrator, Deputy Compact Administrator, or compact coordinator who:

  1. Promotes the mission, vision, and values of the Interstate Commission for Juveniles;
  2. Demonstrates expertise in the successful movement of juveniles;
  3. Actively supports the Interstate Commission for Juveniles by attending meetings, holding offices, or faithfully carrying out designed duties;
  4. Has over two years of devoted service to the administration of the Interstate Commission for Juveniles;
  5. Collaborates and communicates effectively with other Compact professionals;
  6. Uses strategies for ensuring public safety; and
  7. Suggests innovative policies or procedures to improve Interstate Compact operations.

Congratulations to Mike Farmer, Designee from California 

recipient of the 2023 Leadership Award

Commission Chair Nina Belli standing next to Mike Farmer who is holding the leadership award clock.

                                                                    Pictured: Chair Nina Belli (OR) and Mike Farmer (CA)

The 2024 Leadership Award Nomination Period is open through August 9.

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Previous Award Recipients

2015: Anne Connor, Commissioner, Nevada
2016: Mia Pressley, Commissioner, South Carolina
2017: Cathlyn Smith, Commissioner, Tennessee
2018: Anne Connor, Deputy Compact Administrator/Designee, Idaho
2019: Abbie Christian, Deputy Compact Administrator, Nebraska
2020: Julie Hawkins, Commissioner, Missouri
2021: Roy Yaple Commissioner, Michigan
2022: Judy Miller, Designee, Arkansas