Annual Business Meeting Trainings


Presentation (PDF): On Point, On Purpose: Delivering Effective Presentations by Dr. Mark Nelson
Presentation (PDF): Prevention and Protection: Taking Action to Combat Human Trafficking
Presentation (PDF): U.S. Marshals Missing Child Unit Presentation
Presentation (PDF):  ICJ, Race, and Juvenile Justice: Considerations for Promoting Racial Justice by Dr. Maryam Jernigan-Noesi


Training Video: Envisioning the Future of Juvenile Justice
Training Video: Rule Amendment Proposals
Training Video: UNITY - Making Data Work For You
Training Video: Finding A Way - Racial Equity through Procedural Justice
Presentation (PDF): Keynote Address: Leading Forward - Hasan Davis
Resource (PDF): ABM Resources


Training Video: UNITY Session 1 - Is Your State Ready?  Due to technical difficulties, the first 2 minutes of this session are not available.
Training Video: UNITY Session 2 - Strategies for Successful Transition
Presentation (PDF):  UNITY Sessions 1 & 2
Training Video: Understanding Extraditions - UCEA, Due Process, & More
Presentation (PDF): Understanding Extraditions - UCEA, Due Process, & More
Presentation (PDF):  A Way From No Way - Hasan Davis


Document (PDF): ICJ in Action 24/7: Back to Basics
Presentation (PDF): Derek Young, “Strategic Servant Leadership”
Training Video: Airport Jeopardy - REAL ID, Surveillance, and Returns
Resource (PDF)TSA REAL ID Flowchart 


Training Video: Honoring ICJ's Past, Present, & Future
Presentation (PDF): Honoring ICJ's Past, Present, & Future
Training Video: Frontiers in Juvenile Justice Reform Panel


Presentation (PPT): Overcoming Obstacles: Hurdles and How To's
Presentation (PPT): ICJ Proposed Rule Amendments Presentation
Presentation (PPT): When Cases Overlap Between ICJ and ICAOS


Presentation (PPT): ICJ Rule Amendments Discussion
Presentation (PPT): ICJ and LGBTQ Juveniles


Training Video: ICJ and Secure Detention
Presentation (PPT):ICJ and Secure Detention

Training Video: State Compliance with Legal Matters
Presentation (PPT):State Compliance and Legal Matters

Training Video: ICJ Working With ICPC
Presentation (PPT):ICJ Working With ICPC


Presentation (PPT: What can JIDS do for you?
Presentation(PPT) Runaways and the ICJ
Presentation(PPT) Rules Round-Table Discussion and JIDS Impact