Victim Notification

Compliance with victim notification requirements is the responsibility of the sending state in accordance with the laws and policies of that state. When the sending state will require the assistance of the supervising person in the receiving state to meet these requirements, the sending officer shall clearly document such in the initial packet using the Victim Notification Form. The Victim Notification Form shall include the specific information regarding what will be required and the timeframes for which it must be received.

Throughout the duration of the supervision period, the supervising person through the receiving state’s ICJ Office shall to the extent possible provide the sending state with the requested information to ensure the sending state can remain compliant with the laws and policies of the sending state. It is the responsibility of the sending state to update the receiving state of any changes to victim notification requirements.


ICJ Bench Book: Chapter 3 Section 3.9

Rule 2-105 & 8-101(5)