Eligibility for Transfer of Supervision

Juveniles eligible for ICJ must fulfill ALL of the following conditions, according to Rule 4-101:

  • Is classified as a juvenile in the sending state
  • Is an adjudicated delinquent, adjudicated status offender, or has a deferred adjudication in the sending state
  • Is under the jurisdiction of a court or appropriate authority in the sending state
  • Has a plan inclusive of residing in another state for a period exceeding ninety (90) consecutive days in any twelve-month period
  • Has more than ninety (90) days or an indefinite period of supervision remaining at the time the sending state submits the transfer request
  • Will reside with a legal guardian, relative, non-relative or independently, excluding residential facilities; or is a full-time student at an accredited secondary school, accredited university, college or licensed specialized training program and can provide proof of acceptance and enrollment

A transfer of supervision CANNOT be solely for the purposes of collecting restitution. See Rule 5-101.


Rule 4-101: Eligibility Requirements for the Transfer of Supervision
ICJ Bench Book: Chapter 3 Section 3.4.1