Chapter Juvenile Parolees

Juvenile Parolees

In cases involving juvenile parolees, the sending state must complete all necessary documents and forward them to the receiving state at least forty-five (45) calendar days prior to the juvenile’s anticipated arrival date. The ICJ Office in the sending state must send the following documents:

  • Form IV, Parole or Probation Investigation Request;
  • Form VI, Application for Services and Waiver; and
  • The Order of Commitment.

The sending state should also forward to the receiving state the following documents if available:

  • The Petition and/or Arrest Report(s);
  • A Legal and Social History;
  • A supervision summary if the juvenile has been on supervision in the sending state for more than thirty (30) calendar days;
  • A photograph of the juvenile; and
  • Any other information deemed to be of benefit to the receiving state.

Parole conditions, if not sent to the receiving state beforehand, must be forwarded to the receiving state upon the juvenile’s release from a facility. Additionally, ICJ Form V, Notification from Sending State of Parolee or Probationer Proceeding to the Receiving State, shall be forwarded prior to or at the time the juvenile relocates to the receiving state. ICJ Rule 4-102(2)(a) (Interstate Comm’n for Juveniles 2024).