Chapter 3.6.2 Sending and Receiving Referrals

​​​​​​Sending and Receiving Referrals

ICJ Rule 4-102 governs the sending and receiving of referrals for transfer of supervision.  Supervision shall not be provided without written approval from the receiving state’s ICJ Office, and the sending state shall maintain responsibility until supervision is accepted by the receiving state. Different rules apply for juvenile parolees and probationers, as to both form and timing. 

Regardless of whether a juvenile is a parolee or probationer, the ICJ Office in the receiving state should:

  • Request its local offices complete a home evaluation; and
  • Within forty-five (45) calendar days of receipt of the referral, forward the home evaluation to the sending state along with the final approval or disapproval of the request for supervision.

flow chart showing transfer of supervision process

For a discussion of expedited transfers, see discussion infra Section 3.7.7.