Training Bulletin: Transportation Identification Form

TSA Identification Requirements

TSA considers anyone 18 or over an adult for identification purposes. Persons over the age of 18 may be considered a juvenile in some states and may be returned via the Compact.  Not all juveniles have proper identification, nor do they have the means to procure such identification prior to their return to another state via air travel. Typically, a juvenile must be returned within 5 business days. This leaves little time to obtain an approved form of identification. The Interstate Commission for Juveniles created the ICJ Transportation Identification Form to be used as an alternate form of identification for such juveniles.

For more information on TSA identification requirements, visit the TSA website:

ICJ Transportation Identification Form

The ICJ Transportation Identification Form was created in collaboration with TSA to meet the requirements as an alternate form of identification for juveniles who are over the age of 18 but who do not have an approved form of identification to travel by air, such as the REAL ID or a passport.  This form may also be used as alternative identification for a juvenile under the age of 18 traveling via ground transportation.

Information on the Form includes:  photograph (unless unavailable or prohibited by state law), juvenile’s full name, date of birth, race, sex, gender identity, height, weight, eye and hair color, and identifying marks.  The Form also includes airport departure information, to whom the juvenile is being returned, and the destination city and state.  Contact information for the departing/holding state transport officer and ICJ office are included on the Form, as well as the home/demanding state ICJ Office. 

The Form is only valid for the Departure Date.

How To Use Form

The Form is produced solely from the Commission’s secure electronic data system by authorized system users. The Form can be prepared by a state compact office (ICJO) user or a user from an authorized state juvenile agency or juvenile probation supervisor or officer (JPO or JPS). When the Form is generated:

Include the local officer and transportation staff, if applicable, in the email. The TSA liaison will communicate with the appropriate TSA Site Coordinator at the airport indicated on the form to inform them that a juvenile is coming to their TSA Security Checkpoint and will present this alternate form of ID.


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