Chapter 3.7.5 Absconders Under ICJ Supervision

Absconders Under ICJ Supervision

When a juvenile being supervised under the terms of the Interstate Compact for Juveniles in the receiving state absconds, the receiving state shall attempt to locate the juvenile.  If the juvenile is not located, the receiving state submits a “Form IX: Absconder Report” to the sending state’s ICJ office.

The receiving state may close the case upon notification that a warrant has been issued by the sending state for a juvenile who has absconded from supervision in the receiving state, or if the juvenile has been on absconder status for ten (10) business days. Upon finding or apprehending the juvenile, the sending state determines if the juvenile shall return to the sending state or they will request supervision resume in the receiving state. See ICJ Rule 5-102 (Interstate Comm’n for Juveniles 2024).  For further discussion of retaking/return after failed supervision, see infra Section 4.6.