Chapter 3.7 Ongoing Considerations for Transfer of Supervision

​​​​​​Ongoing Considerations for Transfer of Supervision

The effect of transferring supervision does not transfer the jurisdiction of the case or relieve sending state authorities of their obligation to take necessary actions to return a non-compliant juvenile.  The transfer of supervision should be viewed as a request from one member state to another to provide services and supervision in support of the sending state’s dispositional order and the terms of supervision.  Consequently, it is important to distinguish between the concepts of jurisdiction and interstate supervision.  The latter is transferable while the former is not.  The jurisdiction of a case, including the authority to alter the terms and conditions of supervision, remains with the court of the sending state.  Violations of the conditions of supervision must be handled by the courts of the sending state upon notice from the receiving state, unless the violations constitute new delinquency or status offense conduct under the laws of the receiving state and that state decides to prosecute.