Chapter 2.7 Enforcement of the ICJ and its Rules

Enforcement of the ICJ and its Rules

One key feature of the ICJ is the enforcement tools given to the Commission.  It should be noted that the tools provided to the Commission are not directed at compelling juvenile compliance.  Juvenile compliance is a matter that rests with the member states’ courts, paroling authorities and corrections officials.  Rather, the tools provided for in the ICJ are directed exclusively at compelling the member states to meet their contractual obligations by complying with the terms and conditions of the Compact and any rules promulgated by the Commission.  See State v. DeJesus, 953 A.2d 45, 52 n.8 (Conn. 2008) (Acknowledgement of rulemaking authority of Interstate Commission for Juveniles).  However, the ICJ, like the ICAOS, does not create a private right of action.  Cf. Doe v. Pa. Bd. of Prob. and Parole, 513 F.3d 95, 105 (3d Cir. 2008).