April 2017: Voluntary Return - Absconder

Your Name: Gladys Olivares

Your State: Nevada

Your Role: Compact Office Staff

Type of Return: Voluntary Return: Absconder

Rule(s) Applied: Youth be detained pending transport back to ND

Circumstances of the return: Youth was a parole absconder, had been AWOL for 7 months. Picked up in LA County.

How the ICJ Rules assisted in the return: Following the rule for absconders helped keep everything as organized as possible.

Issues that occurred in the course of the return: LA County judge was seriously thinking about keeping youth even though she was a parole absconder. After a few court hearings, youth was finally ordered back to Nevada.

What didn’t the ICJ Rules address with regard to the return: The rule was exactly what made everything go smoothly after the form III was signed. Nothing was not addressed in the rules.

Tip(s) Learned: N/A

Posted on Tuesday, April 04, 2017 (Archive on Friday, May 05, 2017)
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