January 2017: Voluntary Return - Accused Delinquent

Your Name: Jessica Wald

Your State: North Dakota

Your Role: Deputy Compact Administrator

Type of Return: Voluntary Return: Accused Delinquent

Rule(s) Applied: Youth be detained pending transport back to ND

Circumstances of the return: An accused delinquent with a warrant out of the state of ND was located in Tulsa, OK. Youth had committed a violent offense in ND and failed to appear at court proceedings. The youth signed the Form III and ND made arrangements for two Sherriff's Deputies to fly to OK and escort the youth back to ND. 2 days prior to the youth's return a judge in OK held another hearing and released the youth from detention to her mother. Neither compact office was made aware of the hearing. Both compact officers worked with the local probation office in OK to get the youth placed back in secure detention until her transport back to ND. Both compact offices also explained the rules of the compact to local agents in order to inform their judges and help them to understand that when ICJ applies juveniles need to be detained in a secure facility and held until the demanding state is able to facilitate their return.

How the ICJ Rules assisted in the return:Confirming with judges and local officers that the youth must be detained in a secure facility until the demanding state is able to return the youth.

Issues that occurred in the course of the return: A judge violating the rules of the compact and allowing the youth to be released from detention and sent home with her mother.

What didn’t the ICJ Rules address with regard to the return: NA

Tip(s) Learned:It is good to train/refresh judges and local agents on the rules of the compact in order to keep them current with policies and best practices.

Posted on Wednesday, January 04, 2017 (Archive on Saturday, February 04, 2017)
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