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How to Post a New Forum Thread

You may want to utilize the ICJ discussion forums to ask questions, receive feedback, or to request resources. Here are the instructions for creating a new thread in a discussion forum.

Step 1: Login to user account using instructions from "How to Login". Go to ICJ Website in browser.
Step 2: In the top left-hand corner of the page, locate the "About" link in the blue, horizontal navigation bar. Scroll your mouse/cursor over "About".

About link at top of all pages

Step 3: With the "About" link opened, move your mouse/cursor over the "Forum" link. Click on this link. Discussion Forums Link
Step 4: Select/click the title of the forum in which you wish to post a new thread. Forum Title
Step 5: Locate either of the "New Thread" button links, move your mouse/cursor over one of them. New Thread Button
Step 6: Click on the "New Thread" button. New Thread Button
Step 7: Place your mouse/cursor over the empty text box to the right of "Subject:" and click and release. Subject Field
Step 8: Type your thread subject in the text box. Thread Subject
Step 9: Click in the large text box below the 'Subject' field. This is where your forum question/comment will be typed. Type your question/comment (post). Text Box
Step 10: If you would like to receive a notification when a user replies to your post, locate the "Notification:" check box. Click and release in it.  Notification Box
Step 11: From the bottom of the screen click and release on the "Submit" button. Submit Button
Step 12: If you are posting in a moderated forum you will see a notice regarding moderated posts.  Read the notice in the "Add/Edit Post" text box and click the "Return to Forum" button. Post Notice
Step 13: Once you receive the confirmation email from the ICJ Discussion Forum stating your post has been approved and/or posted, click on the "You can view this post by clicking here" link at the top and bottom of the confirmation email.


Your web browser will refresh with your post on the ICJ Discussion Forum. You have completed all steps.

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