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Annual Reports

According to Article IV of the Interstate Compact for Juveniles, the Commission shall report annually to the legislatures, governors, judiciary, and state councils of the compacting states concerning the activities of the Interstate Commission during the preceding year. Such reports shall also include any recommendations that may have been adopted by the Interstate Commission.

If you would like additional information regarding the Interstate Commission, or if you would like assistance in distributing the Annual Report in your state, please contact the National Office.

 TitleModified DateClicks
FY 2010 Annual Report9/8/20104161
FY 2011 Annual Report5/10/20123799
FY 11 Mid-Year Update5/10/20122220
FY 2012 Annual Report9/12/20122675
FY 2013 Annual Report9/26/2013985
FY 2014 Annual Report9/15/2014771
FY 2015 Annual Report8/31/2015565
FY 2016 Annual Report7/28/2016325