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Any state may submit an informal written request to the Executive Director for assistance in interpreting the rules of this compact. The Executive Director may seek the assistance of legal counsel, the Executive Committee, or both, in interpreting the rules. The Executive Committee may authorize its standing committees to assist in interpreting the rules. Interpretations of the rules shall be issued in writing by the Executive Director or the Executive Committee and shall be circulated to all of the states.

Disclaimer: Advisory Opinions are written in accordance with how a Rule is currently drafted. They are not intended for speculation or to encompass all scenarios, but are a legal interpretation of a Rule(s).

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2010 ICJ Advisory Opinions
  • Advisory Opinion 1-2010
    Receiving State's Ability to Sanction Juveniles Under ICJ Rule 4-104.1
  • Advisory Opinion 2-2010
    Transition Rules - Which Rules Apply According to Effective Date
  • Advisory Opinion 3-2010 (Superseded on January 1, 2011)
    Rule 5-101: The sending state’s ability to “override” a denial; who has decision making authority to “override” a denial; and, Adam Walsh Act implications

  • Advisory Opinion 4-2010
    Applicability and enforceability of the rules of the Interstate Compact for Juveniles with sovereign tribal nations and reservation lands.
  • Advisory Opinion 5-2010
    Whether the Interstate Compact for Juveniles, and its duly authorized rules, apply to juveniles who are undocumented immigrants.