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Signed into law: May 26, 2005

Number: F.S.A. § 985.802

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State Home Page

Airport Surveillance
Supervision provided at all major FL airports

Days: Monday - Friday
Hours: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Advance notice: 48 hours

Special Contact Information
See Florida secure email information here.

The main office number is (850) 717.2595. Please copy the e-mail address on correspondence to the FL ICJ Office.

Supervision cases are managed by:

Onome Edukore
Kaprie Lee
Brodean Shepard

Extradition cases are managed by:

Tracy Bradley-Walden
Whittney Thomas

Incoming Cases and Record Checks: TBD

Outgoing Cases and Travel Permits: TBD

All Sex Offender Matters: Onome Edukore

State Council Members
Brian Berkowitz, Chair, Secretary/Designee
Agnes Denson, Commissioner, Compact Administrator, ICJ, Department of Juvenile Justice
Donna Dugger, Legislative Branch Representative
Judge Alicia Latimore
Courtney Lee, DCF Executive Representative, Executive Branch
Seth Montgomery, Executive Director, FDLE
Pat Tuthill, Victim Representative

Sex Offender Information
State Sex Offender Matrix

Florida Compact Staff