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March 2017: Voluntary Return - Absconder
March 2017: Voluntary Return - Absconder

Your Name: Gladys Olivares

Your State: Nevada

Your Role: Compact Office Staff

Type of Return: Voluntary Return - Absconder

Rule(s) Applied: 6-102, 7-106

Circumstances of the return: Youth was a probation absconder picked up in Clark Co from CA.

How the ICJ Rules assisted in the return: ICJRules: 6-102 assisted with how to return the youth and 7-106 assisted and educated our staff to not have returned youth with any personal belongings, weapons, etc.

Issues that occurred in the course of the return: A big issue that arose is youth's cell phone was not taken from her and she was able to make a phone call to her mother and asked her to pick her up when CA probation was already set to pick up. They are the only ones with authority to do so. Phone finally was confiscated from youth. CA probation called mom abd told her not to pick up youth.

What didn’t the ICJ Rules address with regard to the return: None

Tip(s) Learned: To remind staff of rule 7-106 to prevent any mishaps. Luckily everything did turn out good in the end and youth was successfully returned but it could have gone awry.

Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 (Archive on Friday, March 31, 2017)
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