About ICJ

The Interstate Commission for Juveniles is established to fulfill the objectives of the Compact, through means of joint cooperative action among the Compacting states to promote, develop and facilitate a uniform standard that provides for the welfare and protection of juveniles, victims and the public by governing the Compacting states’ transfer of supervision of juveniles, temporary travel of defined offenders and return of juveniles who have absconded, escaped, fled to avoid prosecution or run away.

Strategic Initiatives

Building on the Commission’s strong foundation, the Executive Committee identified strategic initiatives to define future goals and organizational priorities. These initiatives center around technology, training, compliance, enhanced participation, and rule stabilization, and supports the Commission’s vision to promote public safety, victims’ rights, and juvenile accountability. The Commission approved these initiatives at the 2013 and 2016 Annual Business Meetings, making these the primary focus for the committees serving ICJ and its membership as a whole.

To view the Strategic Planning Reports, click the links below:

2013 Strategic Planning Report
2016 Strategic Planning Report
Values Driven Script for Dispute Situtations

Mission, Vision, and Values
Mission Statement

The Interstate Commission for Juveniles, the governing body of the Interstate Compact for Juveniles, through means of joint and cooperative action among the compacting states, preserves child welfare and promotes public safety interests of citizens, including victims of juvenile offenders, by providing enhanced accountability, enforcement, visibility, and communication in the return of juveniles who have left their state of residence without permission and in the cooperative supervision of delinquent juveniles who travel or relocate across state lines.

Vision Statement

The Interstate Commission for Juveniles will promote public safety, victims' rights, and juvenile accountability that is balanced with safeguarding those juveniles. 


The Interstate Commission for Juveniles values:

  1. We honor the Compact’s spirit of communication, collaboration and mutual respectamong all parties in the Compact.
  2. We hold ourselves accountable to our compact agreements.
  3. We expect and support continuous knowledge and skill development.
  4. We seek sustainability of ICJ via leadership development and national visibility.
  5. We ensure that everything we do supports the outcomes stated in our mission.